Part 2 : Prom Pictures


Bob pun nak participate dlm blog ni
Firstly Farah nak cakap tq so much coz ada yang baca entry yg lepas. Hahaha someone texted me, saying that he/his reading my blog. What on earth!! Terima kasih ye.
Ok back to my prom story. On that day, Farah jadi juru makeup for my friends (Nad,Ila,Kak Erin) also tolong adjust makeup kawan-kawan yang lain. Alhamdulillah they like it and appreciate my works.Ooo yeah..
For myself, I have my own target.I wanna looks like a stepmother or witch on that night. Well my friends said that I really looks like a stepmother (that’s mean,I did it) oo yeahh. Maybe because of the dress. Actually I have a story bout my beautiful dress. Firstly, the dress that I wore on that night is not my first choice. I already buy another dress from Leeyanarahman but something happen in a few days before the event so I cant wearing that dress. Its kinda disappointing me,actually.Ermm….But Allah knows best. I found another dress from another designer. Even that dress a less glamorous from the Leeyanarahman dress but I liked it. I really liked it so Alhamdulillah. 

Sangat suka baju ni coz meleret :) 

Credit untuk designer baju ni :)
My prom night was awesome. Everything’s perfect, my juniors really enjoyed that night also my lecturers. So its kinda like perfect night for me. So that’s all from me, enjoy the pictures and thanks coz reading my blog. I love you.

Kak Erin,Farah,Zila


With our penyelaras program, Our Mama Ita

We meet you baby Afla

My Classmates yang ter-chinta

Hey Sol, get out from my way

bestie bonds

After event, Pukul 2 lebih,pi Klebang cari makanan.AGAIN hahahahhaha  


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